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This is a place we created for you. Your journey and struggles with impaired vision, or blindness is worth sharing. You are not alone. You are a mentor to those walking your same path. You will be helping navigate the challenging and sometimes anxious journey to a new reality. It does not need to be scary. It is just new.

This is the kind of things we would like to include in our blogs. We would like to help you spread the word and normalize the world of the visually-impaired and blind people. Society needs to make changes to include the community as a whole and end the disability. When society does not include the community, it continues the struggle. Your stories will help end that struggle.

Have you ever sprayed a nice scented spray for your room just to realize it was the bug killer you got for your garden? Or, going to work with two identical shoes, but different colors? How about talking to a colleague and cutting her off thinking she had finished talking when she was actually just taking a sip of water?

Sharing your stories will help society understand the struggles and end the disability, or at the very least, help people understand the challenges and help make a difference.

To submit your story, please, send us an email to

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